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Can I Wear Contact Lenses With Dry Eyes?

Dr. Akshet Joshi

Dry eyes occur when there is a lack of tear production. The water, mucin, and oil level of the tears are off. One of the biggest complaints our contact lens wearing patients have is, how can I wear my contact lenses if I have dry eyes? Is there a risk to the eye, such a tear in the cornea?

While in most cases one can technically wear contact lenses with dry eyes for most or at least part of the day, it may prove to be bothersome on the eye to do so. Woman Tired Blue Eyes 1280x480

What are the solutions? In general, we like to recommend a daily disposable lens to our patient. These lenses are worn once then thrown out at the end of the day. This means less build up, a fresh lens every day, and a much more comfortable experience.

If the patient is already wearing daily lenses, we can discuss various eye drops, eye compression masks, vitamins, medications, and even steroids. Keep in mind, if using drops throughout the day, you will need to take out your contact lenses each time to insert the drops and that can get tedious.

The last option is to look at alternatives such as Lasik, just wearing glasses and OrthoOrthokeratology

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