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Our Eye Care Services

Here at Optical Zone, the doctors are trained beyond basic primary eyecare.

Our eye doctors strive to provide the best comprehensive medical care to Plano, Tx. We routinely conduct eye exams to prevent, diagnose and treat problems related to dry eye, diabetes, ocular disesases.Our optometrists do a thorough eye exam that starts with a comprehensive medical history and preliminary testing. Tests such as depth perception, color vision, eye muscle balance, peripheral vision, eye pressure testing (non-contact tonometry) and many others are performed.

In addition, Dr. Akshet Joshi, our main optometrist at our Plano eye clinic, able to fit a variety of contact lenses: soft disposable, rigid gas permeable and toric lenses (to correct astigmatism). In addition, we can do specialty fittings for those patients that have had surgery for Lasik or kerataconus.

We have available to us modern diagnostic equipment such as corneal topography to assist us in these complex fittings.

Feel free to contact us if you have special needs or have had problems in the past with wearing contacts. Conveniently located in Plano, we will strive to improve your contact lens wearing exper