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1-Day Acuvue Moist

     This lens with this new patented technology allows all day comfort without the hassels of the lens care involved with other modes of contact lens wear.



What can be more convenient than using a new lens daily.   No fuss or muss with contact lens solutions and cases.  This is an ideal option for those only wanting to wear contact lenses occasionally; on weekends, social events, sports or recreational activities.   Just use them when you need them and throw them away when you are done.  It's that simple!


We all have busy lives and knowing when to change your contact lenses can be difficult to remember.  What can be easier than changing them daily?  By changing our lenses daily we cut down our risk of eye infections , irritations or other complications with contact lens wear. AcuvueMoistPack


Nothing is more comfortable or satisfying than putting on a new pair of contact lenses.  This is much better than waiting two weeks or 1 month or longer,  when the lenses already start to feel uncomfortable or the vision doesn't seem to be as crisp.  Don't you deserve clear comfortable vision daily ?

 I already wear daily disposables.  How are these different?

Acuvue 1-Day Moist lenses have the Patented Lacreon technology ,   which allows  patients to experience all day comfort without any end-of-day dryness symptoms.

The reason for this is that this technology allows a water-holding material to be embedded into the lens material allowing moisture to be held in the lens longer than the original Acuvue 1-day lens. 

This lens also allows protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.  It offers 82% protection from UV-A and 97% protection UV-B radiation