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Multifocal Lenses/ Bifocal Contact Lenses


Will I be a successful candidate ?

1) You must have a presription within the vaiid parameters of this lens. You can have a mild astigmatism and possibly still use this lens

2) You must have realistic expectations as far as vision. Usually, with this form of correction you might expect some decrease in distance vision in order to see a large improvement in your near vision.

3) There are some situations where vision may not be optimal. Other forms of correction such as spectacles or distance contact lenses may be needed, but this is rare.

4) In some instances due to a patient’s specific demands for clearer distant or near vision, a different kind of contact lens in each eye may be needed such as, a distance lens in one eye and a multifocal in the other. Reading glasses may be recommended for occasional use when the eyes become fatigued with heavy reading or with small print. This occurs in a very small percentage of patients.

5) Most initial multifocal wearers may need at least 2-3 visits to determine the optimum prescription. Some monovision wearers may need a longer time to adjust since their brain has to readapt to use both eyes at the same time.

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