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Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)

Your Emergency Eye Doctor in Plano, TX

Don’t panic if you look in the mirror and see that you have red, swollen, and oozing eyes. We understand that the sight may be scary, but there’s not always a reason to rush to the hospital emergency room. Dr. Akshet Joshi, your emergency eye doctor near me, is here to provide urgent eye care at Optical Zone in Plano, TX. Dr. Joshi is trained and experienced in treating a vast range of eye emergencies, including eye infections and eye injuries; contact us immediately for assistance.

What is classified as an eye emergency?

The most common types of eye emergencies that we treat in our Plano eye care center are:

  • Eye infections
  • Irritation from a chemical or foreign substance
  • Corneal scratch
  • Eye or eyelid burns
  • Foreign object stuck in the eye
  • Blunt eye injury

In order to diagnose and treat these problems as precisely and effectively as possible, we furnish our office with the latest, cutting-edge diagnostics and technology. If you suffer any trauma to your eyes, call our emergency eye doctor in Plano, TX, as soon as possible. Do not delay- immediate medical attention is the best way to avoid future complications and possible vision loss.

What are some typical signs of an eye emergency?

The following symptoms are a guideline to help you determine whether or not urgent eye care is necessary. However, we encourage you to play it safe when it comes to your vision. If you’re in doubt about your condition, it’s always better to ask – contact us for help, and our professional, compassionate eye care team will assess the situation.

  • Irritation, pain, or itchiness
  • Foreign object stuck in your eye
  • Stinging or burning eyes
  • Red or pink eyes, with or without discharge
  • Sudden vision loss, in one or both eyes
  • Seeing flashes of light
  • New “floaters” in your field of view
  • Sudden changes in pupil size
  • Dark shadows gliding across your vision
  • New sensitivity to light
  • Double Vision

Do not ignore these symptoms! Call us to book an urgent eye exam; if we detect a serious medical problem that requires surgery or the care of an ophthalmologist, our Plano eye doctor will refer you to a leading specialist nearby.

What causes eye infection (pink eye)?

A wide variety of causes can lead to eye infection. Any foreign substance or object, even something mild, can irritate or scratch your eye, and irritated eyes are vulnerable to infection. Typically, people who wear contact lenses are also more susceptible to eye infections. Since eye infections can be bacterial or viral, the type of treatment varies and only a qualified eye doctor can determine the right diagnosis. After an eye exam, your emergency eye doctor in Wylie, TX, may prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointment.

What do I do if I scratch my cornea?

We often diagnose corneal abrasions. This is a minor problem that can result from many everyday objects, such as a tree branch, fingernail, or even the edge of a paper. Symptoms include tearing, redness, pain, blurriness, and/or a headache. The most important thing you can do is to NOT rub your eye or wear contact lenses. Most of the time, the scratch will heal on its own in a few days. Yet, sometimes it leads to infection. If you have a corneal abrasion that seems to be getting worse, contact us for emergency eye care.

Something is stuck in my eye! What should I do?

First of all, if you think that the foreign body pierced the outer layer of your eye, do not attempt to do anything on your own! This is a medical emergency that requires attention from an eye care professional. We are experts at safe removal of foreign objects stuck in the eye, contact our eye emergency doctor in Wylie, TX, for assistance.

Eyes are extremely sensitive and delicate. Even the smallest item, such as a stray eyelash or grain of sand, can cause pain. The longer this offensive object is in your eye, the greater your risk of eye infection. Follow these steps to safely extract the foreign body from your eye:

  1. Do not rub your eye!
  2. Wash your hands with soap
  3. Look at your eye in a mirror to locate the object
  4. Blink and squeeze your eyes tightly to allow your tears to flush out the object naturally.
  5. If the object is stuck in the corner of your eye or under your lower eyelid, it may be helpful to use a damp cotton swab to remove it.
  6. If the object is stuck behind your upper eyelid, pull your upper lid over your lower eyelid gently. Then roll your eye upwards, which may push the object off the upper lid.
  7. Rinse your eye with lukewarm water

If these attempts to remove the foreign object are not successful, call Dr. Joshi – your emergency eye doctor near me – for help.

At Optical Zone, our Plano eye doctor provides full-service for all your vision needs, including emergency eye exams and urgent eye care.

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