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Orthokeratology in Plano, TX

Have you ever thought about getting rid of your contact lenses or eyeglasses for good, but were unable or unwilling to have LASIK or other types of vision correction surgery? Introducing Orthokeratology!

What is Orthokeratology and Who Can Benefit?

Ortho-k, also known as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), is a progressive and efficient way to have sharp vision without wearing any glasses or contact lenses during the day – without any surgery. Imagine leaving your home in the morning with no eyewear, and still seeing crisp and clear! Even people who have worn eyeglasses or contacts for years can benefit from ortho-k.

At Optical Zone, we fit many patients with ortho-k lenses. For more information, and to discuss your candidacy for this non-surgical vision correction, contact us to schedule a consultation in our Plano, TX, office.

How does ortho-k (CRT) work?

Ortho-k lenses are specialized, rigid gas permeable lenses that you insert before bedtime. As you sleep, these lenses will gently mold and flatten your cornea, which corrects refractive error. By the time you wake up, your nearsightedness will be fixed temporarily. Typically, the effects last only a few days, so you will need to wear your ortho-k lenses nightly to maintain crisp vision.

How do I begin with ortho-k?

The first action you need to take is to reserve a full, professional eye exam with our Plano, TX, eye doctor. Dr. Akshet Joshi will evaluate your ocular condition and vision prescription to determine if you’re a good candidate for Corneal Refractive Therapy.

If your eyes are suitable for ortho-k vision shaping, we’ll perform an expert fitting for ortho-k lenses. Dr. Joshi will measure your eyes and perform a series of eye checks, and you’ll be provided with different trial lenses. At present, there are only a few types of ortho-k lenses available, we’ll fit you with the perfect lenses for your personal condition.

Does ortho-k hurt?

Wearing ortho-k lenses is painless and safe. While you may be aware of all the old complaints about how uncomfortable hard lenses were in the past, the current lenses on the market are not the same. New materials and technology led to the development of rigid lenses that offer supreme comfort. Also, ortho-k lenses are only worn while you are asleep, so you won’t feel a thing!

When will I see results from ortho-k?

Most of our Plano, TX, patients report significant improvements in vision clarity within a day or two after they start corneal refractive therapy. However, the full effects of non-surgical vision correction are experienced generally after a few weeks.

Who can benefit from ortho-k?

These lenses are usually appropriate for everyone who has healthy eyes and mild to moderate nearsightedness. Age is not a factor, and ortho-k is suitable for children (commonly above 8 years old).

In particular, people who play sports and/or lead an active lifestyle benefit greatly from the convenience of having crisp vision, unencumbered by eyeglasses slipping down their nose. People who spend a lot of time in dusty or arid environments also stand to benefit from the increased comfort of corneal refractive therapy, as contact lenses cannot be worn under these conditions. Allergy sufferers will have less eye symptoms with ortho-k, as airborne irritants will not build up (like they do on daytime contact lenses).

Does ortho-k work for myopia control?

Yes, many studies have demonstrated that ortho-k is highly effective for myopia control in children. Essentially, these lenses mold the cornea and suppress eye growth, so kids’ eyes do not continue to grow and progress to a higher degree of nearsightedness.

Keep in mind that kids under age 18 are not candidates for refractive surgery, do ortho-k offers  a great alternative for slowing and correcting nearsightedness!

If your child’s vision prescription gets worse each year, we invite you to speak with us about ortho-k for myopia control! Dr. Joshi fits many kids with ortho-k lenses in our Plano, TX, optometry practice.

What happens if I stop wearing ortho-k?

Vision shaping is safe and reversible. If you stop orthokeratology, your eyes will simply return to their original shape. Within a few months, your vision prescription will stabilize at the power it used to be.

If you decide that you would like LASIK surgery, you will need to wait until this stabilization occurs. Make sure to inform your eye surgeon that you wore ortho-k lenses, and you’ll receive specific instructions about when the surgery can be performed.

Contact us to discuss your candidacy for ortho-k and to schedule an eye exam in our Plano, TX, eye care center!

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