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Advanced Progessive Lenses

Today's wide range of sophisticated Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) won't reveal your age and will restore your natural vision.

Today's Progressive Lens designs are customized to fit your specific prescription taking into account all the specific parameters of your vision requirements.

New PAL lenses are also built for durability and superior scratch resistance - providing great value.


Varilux Comfort

With the new visual comfort enhanced lens,  patient will realized the following benefits

  • wider fields of view at every distance
  • Dual optix digital surfacing allowing the lens to be customized for each patient
  • customized invidually for each patient and for the frame they choose
  • less peripheral distortion allowing patients to use todays digital devices with ease and less eyestrain.

No more squinting in a candlelit restaurant or missing the subtle beauty during sunset. Get sharp, natural vision at any distance, even in low lighting conditions with Varilux lenses, featuring exclusive W.A.V.E. Technology: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement™.
W.A.V.E. Technology creates a unique lens design. The result for you is clear, sharp vision at every distance — near, far, and in between — even in low light.

Varilux Physio Enhanced

Besides reducing distortion the lenses are customized to provide the best vision by optimizing the lenses
based on your

  • Prescription
  • Viewing distance from  near to far
  • Lighting conditions - from Bright light to low light

The advantages this provides is

  • safer and more confident night driving
  • less strain during low light -  reading , computer and television use
  • fast adaptation and easy focussing from near to far with minimal peripheral distortion

Unity Progressive Lenses

All Unity Progressive Lenses use sophisticated calculations and ray-tracing technology to create unique, personalized lenses. Their exceptional design, 100% backside freeform lens process, and quality assurance delivers a maximum-utility lens for assured patient adaptation and visual satisfaction. Now available with enhanced near vision for mobile users.

Freeform technology uses state-of-the-art lens processing equipment and advanced digital lens designs to deliver the most precisely crafted prescription possible. Customized Unity lenses can be created to address your patients' specific visual requirements, within 1/100 of a diopter. The ease of adaptation and high satisfaction your patients experience is a result of a quality verification process with every Unity lens produced. To ensure the lens design is exactly what the doctor and lab intended, each lens is digitally mapped. This extra step ensures precision and accuracy with every Unity lens.


ZEISS Progressive lenses provides comfortable, clear vision in every kind of light, both day and night. Using patented Luminance Design® Technology, ZEISS Progressives factor in patient pupil size in varying light conditions to optimize the design for all-day wear.
In addition, unlike conventional progressives, ZEISS Progressives incorporate ray trace calculations for entire bundles of light rays across the pupil, rather than single rays, delivering more complete data for perfecting the design.

The result is a more natural vision experience and greater clarity for lens wearers, whether in bright or low light conditions.