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Why Buy Designer Frames?

You’ll Love Our Quality Eyeglasses in Frisco, TX!

Eyeglasses are typically the first thing other people notice when they see your face. That being the case, don’t you want a pair of flattering, unique frames that make the right statement about who you are?

Just like you choose quality clothing to enhance your appearance and express your personality, you should select eyeglasses that do the same. Inexpensive, generic eyewear from an online site won’t achieve the same look or last as long as designer frames.

High Quality = More Value

Yes, designer frames are generally more expensive than mass-produced bargain eyeglasses. However, they are well worth the investment. Remember, glasses need to withstand a lot of abuse. Most people take them on and off throughout the day and often toss on a table or into a bag. Therefore, they need to be constructed with strong engineering and durable materials. When you purchase a pair of designer frames from our Frisco, TX, collection, you are assured eyewear with first-rate construction and premium materials.

Designer eyewear doesn’t bend out of shape the first time you drop your frames (accidents always happen!), or constantly need to be readjusted because the temples won’t stay in line. Better construction also means a superior comfort level, with materials that won’t irritate your nose or press behind your ears.

Stand Out in a Crowd

A trendy pair of unique frames is the perfect way to call attention to yourself. Choose from glitzy gemstone embellishments, stylish wooden temples, funky shapes, bold colors, fun patterns or sleek rimless frames that add subtle sophistication to your look. No matter what fashion you favor, we offer designer frames to complement it.

Love Your Look

We want you to fall in love with your new and unique glasses. That’s why our optical staff will help you patiently until you find the perfect pair. Instead of searching through racks of glasses that all look the same, our collection of designer frames offers a wide array of chic and contemporary styles. We feature eyeglasses from international names that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Nomad, Vanni, Flexon, Jimmy Choo, Kio Yamato, Modo, Serengeti and many more fabulous fashion labels.

Choosing designer frames deserves thought and time, and we’re here to offer you advice on which style suits your face shape, skin tone and hair color. Stop our Frisco store anytime to take a look!