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Deciding which eyewear get takes into account so much more than clear vision — it's also a form of self-expression. Whether you decide to get contact lenses, glasses, or sunglasses — or all three — at Optical Zone, we'll help you find the perfect eyewear for all your lifestyle and optical needs.

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Quality Eyewear in Frisco

Prescription eyeglasses come in an array of styles and sizes, as well as a range of types of prescription lenses. We feature a variety of eyeglasses at Optical Zone, in Frisco, TX, with different designer frame options that can be fitted with many kinds of lenses. Our helpful optical staff will be pleased to show you what we offer, and we’ll explain the pros and cons of every choice you can make when selecting your prescription eyewear. Considerations include color, durability, weight of the frames and index (thickness) of the lenses, price, unique fashion and hypoallergenic materials.

Eyeglass Lenses in Frisco

Do you spend a lot of time switching between indoors and outdoors? If so, you may want to consider photochromic lenses, with a tint that adapts automatically to the lighting conditions. Kids, people who engage in sports and anyone with a very active lifestyle should think seriously about getting eyeglasses crafted with Trivex or polycarbonate lenses. Not only do they provide extra safety for delicate eyes, they’re also thinner, lighter and incredibly impact resistant.

Depending upon your vision condition, you may need bifocals or trifocals, and progressive lenses are a favorite – as they provide crisp vision for both near and far, yet without an unattractive or bothersome “lens line” cutting through the eyeglasses. Proper alignment and placement of your eyeglasses in front of your eyes is always important, and even more so when you wear multifocals. Our eye care experts will assess and verify the position of your frames so that your vision correction is as great as can be.

While taking care of your prescription eyeglasses is simple, the importance of good eyewear maintenance shouldn’t be minimized! For long-lasting wear and quality vision, the best tip we can give you is to keep your glasses on your face – or in a hard case. Treat your eyeglasses well, and you’ll benefit from great eyesight with an amazing look!

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  • Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than regular plastic lenses.
  • These lens care and maintenance tips will go a long way toward maintaining your healthy sight.
  • Which frame material is right for you? Learn about the different types of metal and plastic, and the advantages of each.
  • Tips for Keeping Your Frames Properly Maintained.
  • If you need correction for presbyopia but dislike the idea of bifocal eyeglasses, you have many contact lens options.
  • Manufactured to be thinner at the edges of the lens and lighter in weight overall—a good choice for people with stronger prescriptions.