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Comprehensive Eye Exams


Healthy eyes and vision in Plano, TX

No matter how old you are or what your health status is, regular eye examinations are necessary for keeping your eyesight in tip-top shape! At Optical Zone, we aim to keep you seeing clearly so you enjoy life to its fullest. Our experienced, friendly eye doctors, Dr. Akshet Joshi and Dr. Hassam, will evaluate your ocular health thoroughly to help prevent problems and future vision loss. Our practice is family-friendly, and we look forward to checking the eyes of all members of your family, from babies to golden-aged retirees!

No vision complaints? Why schedule a routine eye exam?

In short – comprehensive eye evaluations are a critical part of preventive health care for children and adults.

Many common eye diseases and vision conditions do not cause symptoms until they progress to an advanced stage. Once this happens, the treatment has a much lower success rate, and there’s a higher incidence of vision loss. When Dr. Joshi examines your eyes in our Plano, TX, office, he’ll inspect closely for early signs of disease or abnormalities, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. If you are diagnosed with an eye disease, we will begin treatment immediately.

With kids, it’s typical for them not to complain about a vision problem. Yet undetected vision conditions may cause difficulty with education or delay normal development. Pediatric eye exams go far towards helping to prevent a vision-related learning disorder, and are a great way to help your child succeed in school.

What will we do in our complete eye exam?eye exam plano tx

Our optometric team will personalize your eye exam to meet your visual condition, age and health issues. The basic steps include:

  1. Medical case history: this is the time to inform us about any health conditions, family eye history, medications, allergies and/or concerns that you may have about your eyes and vision
  2. Preliminary evaluation: we’ll assess your pupils’ response to light, peripheral vision, color vision and eye mobility. Dr. Joshi will also check your focusing/accommodation and binocularity, which refers to your eyes ability to team and work together.
  3. Visual acuity: we’ll ask you to read an eye chart to find your vision prescription. Using a phoropter (a series of lenses that you’ll need to look through), we’ll assess refractive error to diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. We’ll also inspect how light focuses on your retina with the help of a retinoscope.
  4. Eye health: we have specialized diagnostic tools in our Plano, TX, office, that we use to examine the retinal tissues of your eyes. This allows us to rule out or diagnose many common eye diseases. Dilating eye drops are generally used to facilitate this exam.
  5. Consultation: we’ll discuss the results of your eye exam with you to determine the necessary and most suitable treatment

When should you schedule comprehensive eye exams?

Adults who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses are advised to have an eye exam performed yearly. If no vision correction is needed, then annual exams are recommended for all adults after age 40, as the risk of many common ocular diseases rises with aging. After age 60, we may advise eye exams even more frequently than once a year. Additionally, health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes may impact your visual system and are another reason to have more frequent eye examinations performed.

Children should be brought for their first pediatric eye exam at six months old, followed by the next one at 3 years old. After this, it’s critical to schedule a comprehensive eye evaluation before starting school, at age 5-6. If your child needs eyeglasses, exams should be booked yearly, otherwise every 2 years is generally sufficient. Specific pediatric risk factors also indicate a need for more regular eye exams; consult with your eye doctor to verify the best schedule for your child.

Your vision matters to us. We’re here to take a look at your eyes at Optical Zone, in Plano, Texas!

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